Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blog Virgin

I'm guessing that most of you who will read this know me. So here ya go - my very own blog created on Sunday, December 14th at 5:00p. Might be a momentous date someday - who knows.
My mom taught me to crochet when I was around 8 years old. I never made anything worth mentioning and put down the hook for a lot of years. Now at 43, I like to say I've been crocheting my whole life, but really I've only been serious about it for the past couple of years. I was lucky enough to discover a friend at work with a similar passion for wound animal thread such as myself. She knits the most amazing things. She can also read and re-write a pattern, where I stumble to visualize what the finished product will look like. So, I just don't read patterns, I look at the finished product and recreate it. This drives my mother insane, but it works.
I've been crocheting baby blankets since high school and building baskets for new mommy's or expectant parents. I've since branched out to baby afghans and baby hats. The Ladder Shawl at the top of this page is one of my greatest accomplishments. The first and only time I followed a pattern and created a finished product. Though it wasn't the first one I made (need to find that photo), I'm very proud of that shawl and the person who made it.
Soon I was making mittens and scarves with different stitches and hats. I branched out from the simple acrylic yarn from the Rag Shop to more exotic yarns by Noro and Blue Heron.
I enjoy surfing yarn websites. A relaxing day for me is one spent sitting in a chair in the sun and crocheting all day. I have turned into such a yarn geek that everytime I go on vacation (Scotland included) I seek out a yarn store. I now have enough of a stash to start my own yarn store. But for the moment, I must remain gainfully employed in order to support my addictions
Please enjoy my blog, I promise to add to it at least once a week!

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