Sunday, January 4, 2009

Accomplishments of 2008

My one charitable donation this year was to "Knit One, Save One", caps for preemies and babies in countries less fortunate that our own. Left to right (top row) - Knit Picks Sport Shine cap crocheted by Liz Power (Scotland), fancy knit cap for a boy and fancy knit cupcake cap for a girl by the talented Mrs. Carol Olstad (NJ). Left to right (bottom row) - simply acrylic ruffle cap for girl and Knit Picks Sport Shine cap for boy crocheted both crocheted by me. Thanks everyone - we did some good in 2008, let's do it again in 2009.

January 2008: An Araucania cotton half glove for mom's arthritic hands.

January 2008: Following a second knee surgery, I was home with time on my hands. I'd never crocheted mittens, tried to follow the pattern and found I couldn't. So I reverse engineered them and came up with these. Made from a faux mohair, they are a bit too big, but it was the point of the mittens and not the actual fit of them which mattered. Washing them in hot water will solve everything.

Summer 2008: Bored with a simple single color baby blanket for my baby baskets, I created this afghan. An accidental mixing of geometric shapes. It is made from Lion Brand New Cotton Ease - 50% cotton/50% Acrylic and 100% machine washable and dryable. A new mother's joy.

Here are some more of Karen's Crocheted Creations that made me proud this year:

The lovely Mrs. Laura Crane in a violet mohair scarf (Ruffles will be added for the spring). It is made from a mohair blend which is very light and gives it a look of gossamer.

Alpaca scarf and hat made specifically for Shamika's mom as a Christmas present - doesn't she look happy? This is made from Elsebeth Lavold Chunky AL alpaca.

My first baby sweater - didn't think I could do it - and it accidentally has no seams. This was made for Shamika & Ron Burden's first son Cam'Ron, born November 2008. Its made out of Araucania cotton.

July 2008: Ruffle scarf made from SouthWest Trading Company Soy.

My last project for 2008 was for myself. I first purchased the Classic Elite Nikki yarn (100% wool) in Greenport, NY on a wine tasting weekend with friends. While it rained the first night we were there, I nursed a swollen knee and crocheted myself a hat. I fell in love with the yarn but was unable to find it for six months. Then I found out that Classic Elite renamed it Desert, made it softer/fuzzier. This hat will match ALL of my coats/jackets for the winter/spring. And I have enough yarn left to make a small scarf, thinking of a matching Victoria collar with buttons. Hmmm...

A moment of Impishness over New Year's Weekend. I had just finished winding a ball of black wool and these were the ties around the hank. Felix was sleeping so peacefully, I was able to wrap him like a Christmas present. I was later told he flung the tie off his tail, ripped one off his foot and struggled with the other til mom intervened.

So for 2009, I would like to branch out my crocheting, learn some new stitches, make a serious dent in my "stash", STOP buying yarn (yeah right, that's gonna happen!!) and simply enjoy myself. Along the way I want to learn to knit, but I'm having too much fun crocheting right now to stop.


  1. Lots of great work! I look forward to seeing what 2009 will produce.

  2. Karen I love the hat that you made for yourself. I have to email you the pictures of Cam'Ron in his hat. He can fit it now and he loves it. I also have a picture of him sleeping with his blanket. Thank you so much.